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Our Features

BEYONDtranslations is the best way to have an
integrated tool in devops for agile teams.
Don't waste time on handling strings manually in VS Code.

No external Editor needed

Translate all relevant strings based on your XLIFF file integrated in your DevOps Projects.
There is no external editor needed.
Open BEYONDtranslations and
start translating in DevOps.

Optimized Workflow

Manage the localization process in your DevOps Kanban Board. After your developers created a Pull Request, start translating.

Smart Way

Let your developers focus on their main tasks.
Save hours on handling strings.
Start translating immediately.

Our DevOps Extension is seemless integrated.

Everyone can translate.

Integrated in
Azure Dev Ops

Embedded in DevOps to save time and reduce technical fearness.
Our extension can be used by any DevOps Users.

You should manage strings, phrases and sentences, not hours.

Save Time

Save Time on Translation. Translation Memory is essentially a database that stores source and target phrases/sentences which have been translated already.

Build Translation Memories for each project, client or even for single repositories.
You can also use them across your DevOps Organization in every Project.

Use just one platform

Decrease complexity and costs by using just one platform: Azure DevOps.

By using Azure DevOps you can work from anywhere. Login and start translating.

No local Installation needed like
Visual Studio Code or Git.

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